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Architectural Special Finishes in Sydney

Architectural Special Finishes

Top One Painting prides ourselves in our expertise with a variety of special finishes. Check out our gallery to see each special finish showcased for our clients. We have selected some of our favourites for you to draw on for inspiration.

Venetian Plaster Finishes

Venetian Plaster is the term for decorative interior plasterwork applied with techniques that give the appearance of marble or stone. Our meticulous and premium finish transforms any space, giving luxurious depth and character. We use traditional burnishing techniques from Italy, and we apply golden wax finishes to enhance the appearance and improve durability.

We Offer a Variety of Finishes to Suit Your Needs


We Offer a Variety of Finishes to Suit Your Needs

Stucco Marmorino Finish

Marmorino finishes give the richest depth of all types of stucco. Using a lime-based finish, our craftspeople apply traditional techniques to create a timeless look that is akin to marble.


Stucco Travertino

Travertine finishes are designed to follow the appearance of natural travertine stone. The appearance is more textured than others, but it is still smooth to the touch and polished. The look is derivative of classical Roman architecture and will add flair and elegance to your home.


Lime Wash

Lime wash is an age-old finishing technique that is reminiscent of Mediterranean villas. It is ideal for refurbishments, heritage sites and any area where a classical, rustic finish is a must.



Wallpaper enables implementation of additional themes to your living space. Our team will carefully select from high-quality wallpapers to add a beautiful ambience to your home.

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