Painters in Bellevue Hill

Are you looking for a professional painter in Bellevue Hill?

Professional painters in Bellevue Hill such as Top One Painting can help you achieve the aesthetic look that you desire for your space – residential or commercial.

Professional painters in Bellevue Hill can help you decide the best type of paint to select for your space and can also perform other desired services to achieve that highly finished look including:

  • Repaints/renovations/refurbishing
  • Paint stripping
  • Lead paint removal

Why select Top One Painting as your painter in Bellevue Hill?

We at Top One Painting are committed to perfection. We’ve been in business since 2004 and have worked consistently to improve our services. Master Paints acknowledged our efforts in 2018 when we were named winners in the categories of Best Residential Single Dwelling Repaint Under $200,000 and Best Residential Decorative Finishes Under $200,000.

Our Services

We are well-versed with different requirements of our clients and we know how important it is for people managing strata to maintain their spaces. We are known for our high-quality finishes and timely delivery of projects. 

Working with Strata

Strata can be spread over a large area and involve a host of different people using it. Moreover, buildings are exposed to environmental factors including pollution, wind and water corrosion which can easily wear down the facades. Being in charge of strata means that it needs to be preserved and taken care of very well. We can help you create a fresh and clean look without any hassle and also offer maintenance services to upkeep the look for a long time. We have expertise in working in unit blocks, residential towers and everything else that is required in Bellevue Hill strata. 

Residential Painter in Bellevue Hill

The Top One Painting team has been serving at Bellevue Hill for many years and we have a long list of satisfied clients. Our residential painting services start with determining your requirements. While you call the shots on the aesthetic aspects of your home, we make sure to advise you on the best type of paint, finishes, and the colours for your space and environment.

Commercial Painter in Bellevue Hill

We have a vast experience in doing commercial jobs and abiding by industry rules and regulations we are trained in handling occupational health and safety regulations as well as environmental procedures and management systems.

Painter in Bellevue Hill for a wide variety of clientele

We have worked for a range of clients including:

  • Restaurants
  • Pubs
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Universities/colleges
  • Stores
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Painter in Bellevue Hill for Detail Work 

Part of our service offering is also to paint and detail shopping centres and other similar commercial spaces. We consult with shop owners to decide on the kind of colours and accents would work well to attract shopper footfall. We design the colour schemes mindful of a host of factors including customer psyche where we try to understand what the preferences of the shop’s target market are. Top One Painting has experts on board that will be able to handle any size of the job that you have for us, be it one shop or a large shopping centre we are flexible enough to cater to any size of work.

We offer a range of high-end services for homes, commercial spaces and industrial buildings which include:

  • Maintenance painting
  • Roof painting
  • Fence painting
  • Decorative finishes
  • Deck painting
  • Texture coating
  • Access through abseiling

Bellevue Hill Industrial Painter

Industrial requirements differ from those of residential and commercial locations that serve a large number of people. Industrial environments are far more demanding and necessitate extremely long-lasting spaces. Paints can also aid in the creation of long-lasting spaces by protecting them from corrosion and other problems.

Bellevue Hill Industrial Floor Painter

Paint is required for a range of practical functions not only on walls but also on floors. To ensure durability when heavy goods are dragged across the floor, it must be painted with a specific finish. Lines and other safety symbols must also be used to signify loading docks, safety measures, and other risks. Our team has over ten years of industrial painting experience and has the necessary equipment and staff for industrial painting work in Bellevue Hill.

Bellevue Hill Heritage Properties Painter

Heritage homes are culturally an important part of the area, and the Australian government has preserved them as well. These properties have limitations on remodelling and the materials that can be utilised in renovations. We have experience with heritage-approved techniques such as cornices, stucco, Marmorino, and Travertino, as well as wood plastering techniques such as cornices, stucco, Marmorino, and Travertino.

Special Architectural Finishes

Our customised finishes are among the best in Bellevue Hill, and we have a wide range of them on display in the gallery. Take a look at some of our specially selected designs; one of these may inspire you to improve your home.

  • Finishes in Venetian Plaster
  • Stucco Finish in Marmorino
  • Stucco Travertino
  • Wallpaper in Lime Wash