Painting your home seems simple, but once the work starts, there are many things that require consideration, time, and commitment.

If you are not living in the space that you are currently painting, then you might not be bothered as much by shifting furniture or making a mess, because you know that it can all be cleaned up after the paint job is finished. However, if you are getting the paint done while living in the home, you might be in for some challenging times as you will need to clear out the space and manage the chaos created while your house is inundated with workers.

Does your space in Bondi require a nice uplift?

Have no fear, you can simply contact Top One Paints for a million and one ideas on how different colors and paint types can enhance the space from a dull and dreary, and oh-so-boring one, into one that is sleek, chic, classy, elegant, joyful, or any other way that you like. 

Our painters are like no other painters you have met before. Of course, they are no match for Picasso or Monet, but they can give you a run for your money if you want a wall that is flawlessly painted in the color of your choice. In addition to this, if you need to create some more depth, we also have trained painters who can help you with architectural special finishes. The wide range of textural finishes we have and how our expert professionals do the work will leave you speechless, and your property will be in a state that will have everyone talking about how brilliant it is.

Hire Top One Painting experts for your spaces for your residential and commercial spaces in BONDI.

Customers in BONDI can benefit from the aid of Sydney painters such as Top One Painting, who can help you create the appearance you want. We have many different options available in terms of paints, colors, textures, and different effects that you can select from so that your creativity can be explored on your property without any problems. Top One Painting Experts are specialists in commercial and residential painting. We are an experienced team of painters who have been in the business since 2004. Our team is well known for its brilliant service in BONDI and has garnered rave reviews from customers who love to hire us each time they want their residential or commercial property painted.

Our team of experts can not only paint, but they can help you completely revamp the look of your space. We offer sensational results, with on-time delivery and short turn-around, especially when we know that you are living or working in the property while getting the space redone. Leave the painting to us while you focus on your work and all the other things that make you happy.


How long does a paint job take?

The answer is that it can take anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks, depending on the size of your project. No matter what the size of your project, you can rest assured that we will be as quick as possible with the work and will give you a speedy turnaround. 

Do I need to move out when getting my room painted?

It is advised to move out because of the chaos that will be in your room when we move furniture and other items out of the way of splatters. However, you can use the room almost immediately after the paint has dried. If you are getting your home painted, we would recommend that you go room by room so that you have space to be in while other rooms are being painted. Getting everything painted altogether while living in the same space will become very challenging and you might want to move out if you plan to get that done.