Are you looking for a professional painter in Chatswood?

Professional painters can give you a high-quality finish, durability, and expedient services that you require for your paint jobs. Professional painters in Chatswood such as Top One Painting can help you achieve the highest aesthetic look that you desire for your space – residential or commercial.

Why select Top One Painting in Chatswood?

Professional Finish

First impressions tend to linger in clients’ minds which is why we take into account what the office building or workspace will look like to potential employees and partners. Top One Painting is not only focused on doing a one-time job, but we also offer ongoing contract work to maintain the highest professional finish that we helped you to create.

Expedient Work

As a trusted painter in Chatswood, we assure quick and timely delivery of work with fast turnaround times. We know that time is money so we have excelled in processes that enable us to finish our work quickly and with as few disruptions to your workflow as possible. We can do our work while you continue to do yours.

Working with Strata

Strata can be spread over a large area and involve a host of different people using it. Moreover, buildings are exposed to environmental factors including pollution, wind and water corrosion which can easily wear down the facades. Being in charge of strata means that it needs to be preserved and taken care of very well. We can help you create a fresh and clean look without any hassle and also offer maintenance services to upkeep the look for a long time. We have expertise in working in unit blocks, residential towers and everything else that is required in Chatswood strata.

Our Services

We offer a large variety of different painter services in Chatswood for

  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Commercial Spaces
  • Industrial Spaces

We also provide special Architectural finishing services

Residential Painter in Chatswood

The Top One Painting team has been serving at Chatswood for many years and we have a long list of satisfied clients. Our residential painting services start with determining your requirements. While you call the shots on the aesthetic aspects of your home, we make sure to advise you on the best type of paint, finishes, and the colours for your space and environment.

Commercial Painter in Chatswood

We have a vast experience in doing commercial jobs and abiding by industry rules and regulations we are trained in handling occupational health and safety regulations as well as environmental procedures and management systems.

We have experience painting for venues, hotels, restaurants and bars, and we also offer a vast array of services that cater to your requirements of other detailed work and finishes.

Industrial Painter in Chatswood

Industrial requirements are different from those of homeowners and commercial spaces that cater to masses. Industrial environments are much more intense and require highly durable spaces. Paints also play a role in creating durable spaces because they can help against corrosion and other damage. We can paint small industrial factories as well as large multi-purpose warehouses and have on offer a range of industrial-grade paints including reflective paints.

Industrial Floor Painter in Chatswood

Not only walls but floors too require paints for a variety of functional purposes. Floors need to be painted with a certain finish to ensure durability when heavy items are dragged across. They also need to be marked with lines and other safety symbols to indicate loading docks, safety precautions and other hazards. Our team has over 10 years of experience in industrial painting work and have the equipment and personnel in line for industrial painting work in Chatswood.

Architectural Special Finishes

Our special finishes classify is as one of the best in Chatswood and we have a large variety of showcased in the gallery. Make sure that you take a look to see some of our specially selected designs, one of these may inspire you to uplift your space. 

Venetian Plaster Finishes

The Venetian Plaster is a cost-effective and easy maintenance version of the marble or stone look. Our premium finish transforms spaces in a friendly budget to look at finesse and elegance. The use of traditional burnishing techniques from Italy golden wax finishes by our team enhances the aesthetics and the durability of the space.

Stucco Marmorino Finish

Timeless elegance is what the Marmorino finishes entail. Our craftspeople use the technique of using a lime-based finish that is akin to marble.

Stucco Travertino

The natural travertine stone gives textured look which this finish emulates. The texture is smooth and polished and yet there is a unique feel to it which adds elegance and flair to your space. The look of Roman architecture is manifested through this look.

Lime Wash

Limewash is an age-old finishing technique that is reminiscent of Mediterranean villas. It is ideal for refurbishments, heritage sites and any area where a classical, rustic finish is a must.


Wallpapers can add dimension and depth to spaces. We provide high-quality wallpapers that can enhance the look of your space and give it personality.