Common Painting Mistakes to Avoid

Common Painting Mistakes to Avoid

Painting a couple of walls is a seriously underrated task and everyone and anyone thinks that they can do it. When it comes to upcycling a piece of furniture or touching up some trimming here and there, they probably can but if the goal is a long-lasting, complete room transformation, then you want to make sure you are doing it right. Painters in Alexandria are available for any project you may have, big or small. We have got the knowledge, the tools, and the experience to work with you and make your vision come to life.

In this article we are going to look at a few of the most common mistakes and misconceptions that people make about painting.

Natural Light

The first and most important step in changing the look and feel of a room is selecting the colour. People tend to go directly to their local home improvement store and spend some time there looking at the multitude of paint samples. Once they have made their decision, they buy the amount they need right then and there. This is a huge mistake because shops have fluorescent lighting which can deflect the real colour. It is therefore recommended that you pick out a few samples and take them home to see how they will look in the room’s natural light. Swatch a small section of the wall and see how it looks, you can cover it up with the primer you will be using afterwards. The decision should not be rushed, it is better to spend a few days and match the colour to furniture and rugs and make sure you are completely satisfied before purchasing the paint in bulk.

Speaking of natural light, experts say that the best time to paint is early in the morning with windows open to get the best lighting. Fluorescent or harsh lighting should be avoided when painting.


All in all, painting can end up causing quite a dent in your wallet. Therefore, a lot of people will try and save money where they can and opt for the cheapest painting tools they can find. They figure as long as they serve the basic purpose, the quality should not matter too much. In truth, cheaper foam rollers, brushes and tapes can greatly affect the quality of your work and end up taking double the amount of time. Your brushes should be made with good quality bristles and your rollers should be firm and dense to ensure an even and precise paint application. The low price of masking tape naturally makes it a lucrative option, but it will not block out paint at the edges like authentic painter’s tape. Rest assured Painters in Alexandria work only with the highest quality tools suited for all types of surfaces.

The Prep Step

Just like all other areas of your home, your walls collect dust, dirt and oil over time. These can start to seep out through the paint over time and completely ruin all your hard work. It is therefore necessary to properly clean them before you start painting. The cleaning doesn’t have to be an extensive process; a simple damp rag will do the job just fine. You want to ensure you fill in any cracks and holes as well so that you have a clean and smooth surface to work with.

Cover Up

Another common mistake to avoid when painting your home is to paint over super glossy old paint. Any previous paint on the wall that had a glossy finish will cause cracking or discolouration through your new coat of paint. This is because the glossy paint does not have enough grit to be able to hold on to the new paint. The only way to fix this is to use a grit sander gently all over the wall to break down the glossy cover. You can then wipe off the surface with a wet cloth and let it dry before painting over it.

Similarly, covering up old wallpaper with paint is also problematic. The moisture from the paint ends up seeping into the wallpaper which activates the glue and causes the paper to come loose. The resulting air pockets from this will be visible through your paint and leave an unsightly mess. Best practice is to strip the wallpaper off first or use an oil-based primer to seal it off. Painters in Alexandria know exactly how to prep your walls before painting and can take the stress away to leave you free to enjoy your newly painted home.


First time painters tend to get overwhelmed by the variety of paints available in the market today. There are so many different brands and not to mention different finishes and tints. There are also specific types of paint required depending on which type of surface you are painting. It is therefore so important to do proper research before commencing your project. For example, if you will be painting a hallway or other such high-traffic area of your home, you will want to use paint with a glossy or satin finish. Matte finishes, on the other hand, are better suited for low traffic areas or accent walls. Don’t be afraid to ask as paint professionals will always give you the best recommendations for your space.

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