Concrete Sealing Sydney

Are you afraid that the concrete surface in your property will be stained and corroded due to its daily contact with UV rays, dirt, wheel prints, and water? Are you confused about whether the application of a sealer is the most suitable solution for it? Leave all your worries aside as we welcome you to TOP One Painting, an expert painting company and a place you should turn to for concrete sealing in Sydney.

What sets TOP One Painting apart from the rest?

The main feature that distinguishes Top One Painting from its fellow competitors is its dedication to safeguarding your investment and enhancing your property, alongside attaining an experience of over a decade in this industry. They work hard and strive to achieve exceptional, beautiful, and easily functional results for their clients. Moreover, they take immense pride in the bespoke and tailored approach they offer to their customers, which they believe is unparalleled in Sydney. They assure their clients that they can take any form of architectural task, from stenciling to concrete flooring. 

Areas of expertise

Be it a commercial or residential project, TOP One Painting provides you with a range of services that can cater to all your concrete-related issues. The amenities presented to prospective clients can be classified into 3 main categories, that are:

Domestic Painting

  • Exterior painting
  • Renovations and Refinishing 
  • Paint Removal 
  • Uplifting and Remodeling heritage properties

Industrialized Painting

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Workshops 

Other specialized Painting

  • Mending and varnishing roofs
  • Refurbishing fences
  • Decorative finishes
  • Application of textures and patterns

Method of working

As the dynamics of the industry shift from being labour-intensive to machine-intensive, any business must adapt to these changes as well. Thus, keeping in mind the current situation TOP One Painting has acquired the latest technology that helps them achieve perfection in their work simultaneously allowing them to deliver the task at hand in the required time frame. The use of up-to-date equipment, high-quality products, exclusive designs, budget-friendly packages, and guaranteed customer satisfaction has made them the best among other companies offering concrete sealing in Sydney.

The main reason behind TOP One Painting ‘s success

Despite having the most befitting machinery and the essential understanding of the market, the determination and passion shown by their staff, are what make them shine in their work. Individuals who are a part of TOP One Painting are fully trained and licensed according to the Australian standards regarding all safety, environmental, and management procedures. They strictly adhere to the company’s protocol and take care of all the minute details during the project, to give the customers a hassle-free and smooth journey.

Don’t wait and call now

The team at TOP One Painting is always available at your service to remove all your doubts and provide you with a concrete solution. Contact us now or send a message to get a free quotation from the experts in town.


What can you do to prepare for the concrete sealing?

Ans: If possible, you can clear the area by removing all the furniture, so we can start the process as soon as we arrive.

How long does it take for the concrete sealer to dry?

Ans: Usually, concrete sealers dry rapidly and are typically touch-dry in 4 hours. However, penetrating sealers naturally cure in 24 hours while topical sealers might take up to 48 hours to completely dry.