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Why select Top One Painting as your painter in Darling Point?

At Top One Painting, we strive for perfection. We’ve been in business since 2004, and we’ve worked hard to improve our services. In 2018, Master Paints recognised our efforts by naming us winners in the categories of best Residential Single Dwelling Repaint under $200,000 and Decorative Finishes Residential under $200,000.

Our Providers

Painter for homes in Darling Point

While you make the decisions about the aesthetics of your house, we make sure to provide you advice on the best paint, finishes, and colours for your area and surroundings.

  • Paint removal services are among the other home services available.
  • Repaints/renovations/refurbishing
  • a wide variety of special effects
  • Stucco/Marmorino/Travertino
  • Lime, wood, and a French wash
  • Effects of rust/metal/old leaf
  • Joinery
  • Properties with a heritage designation

Darling Point Commercial Painter

We have extensive experience performing commercial tasks while adhering to industry laws and regulations. We are also educated in occupational health and safety requirements, as well as environmental processes and management systems.

In Darling Point, Top One painting are painters who have large variety of clients.


Public places including bars, hospitals, schools, and universities/colleges are a part of this category.

  • Offices Stores
  • Warehouses
  • Darling Point Painter for Hotel and Event Locations

A hotel’s structures and locations must be long-lasting and appealing to a wide range of guests. To get the intended look, we collaborated with a number of Darling Point hotels. Colors and finishes chosen for a hotel’s purpose and image are all influenced by these considerations. Count on Top One Painting to execute the project on time and to a high standard of quality in terms of paint and finish.

Painter of Darling Point Restaurant & Bar.

Several restaurants are among our customers. In order to enhance the surroundings and guarantee that consumers are able recognise your business through its colours, Top One Painting offers a variety of colour palettes and finishes. As experts in colour psychology, we can help you choose the right hues to create a welcoming ambiance and boost sales. We have a team of experts that can help you choose from a variety of painting styles, including traditional, elegant, and classic.

Darling Point, Ontario, painter

Commercial and residential customers have quite different demands than industrial customers. A harder environment is required in industrial settings because of the higher demands on the workers. It is possible to build long-lasting rooms by using paints that are resistant to corrosion and other damage. Both small and large industrial enterprises can benefit from industrial-grade paints, particularly reflective paints.

Paintings by Darling Point Heritage

Heritage dwellings and structures are also protected by the Australian authorities. The materials that can be used to renovate these houses are restricted. For example, cornices, stucco, Marmorino, and Travertino have been utilised in the construction of historic homes.

Period-appropriate finishing is required for historic houses. French wash, metallic, and gold leaf are some of the techniques we use. Rust effects and joinery may also be done by our team, which complements the old building.

Top One Painting is well-versed in the standards and best practises for maintaining historic homes.

Finishes for Buildings

In the gallery, you can see examples of our unique finishes. You may be inspired to beautify your house by one of our carefully selected designs.

Decorative Venetian Plaster

The Venetian Plaster is a low-cost, low-maintenance alternative to marble or stone. Our superior finish makes places seem traditional and beautiful on a budget. Our team uses classic burnishing techniques from Italy to enhance the beauty and longevity of the room.

Stucco Marmorino

The Marmorino finishes have a timeless beauty. Our artisans utilise a lime-based finish that resembles marble.

Tuscan stucco

This treatment mimics the rough appearance of genuine travertine. Your room will be enhanced with elegance and flare thanks to the smooth and glossy texture. This looks like Roman architecture.


Limewash is a traditional Mediterranean finishing process. A traditional, rustic finish is required for refurbishments or heritage properties.

Wallpaper can give a room dimension and depth. We provide high-quality wallpapers that may personalise your area.