Painters in Elizabeth Bay

Are you looking for an award-winning professional painter in Elizabeth Bay?

Professional painters such as Top One Painting give you a high-quality finish, durability, and quick services that you need for your paint jobs. Professional painters in Elizabeth Bay such as award winning Top One Painting can help you achieve the aesthetic look that you desire for your space – residential or commercial.

Why select Top One Painting as your painter in Elizabeth Bay?

We offer a range of high-end services for residential properties, commercial spaces and industrial buildings which include:

  • Maintenance painting
  • Roof painting
  • Fence painting
  • Decorative finishes
  • Deck painting
  • Texture coating
  • Abseiling access

Our efforts to achieve excellence have been recognized by Master Paints in 2018 when we were declared the winners in the categories of best Residential Single Dwelling Repaint under $200,000 and Decorative Finishes Residential under $200,000.

Our Services

Residential Painter in Elizabeth Bay

  • We have been providing painting services in Elizabeth Bay for many years and have a long list of delighted customers to show for it. The first step in providing house painting services is assessing your requirements. Despite the fact that you have complete control over the visual elements of your house, we make certain to provide you with recommendations on the finest types of paint, finishes, and colours for your area and surroundings.
  • Removing Paint is an essential component of the initial painting process since many paint looks do not reach the desired result until the canvas is completely clear. For a safe and toxin-free environment, we provide paint removal services for brickwork, as well as lead paint removal. In addition, we have a variety of unique effects that we may incorporate.
  • Painting, renovations, and refurbishment are some of the other home services available.
  • Almost every type of special effect is available.
  • Stucco/Marmorino/Travertino
  • French wash with lime, wood, and other natural elements
  • Metallic/rust effects/old leaves are all possible.
  • Joinery
  • Properties on the National Register of Historic Places
  • Commercial Painter in Elizabeth Bay
  • We have extensive expertise performing commercial work while sticking to industry standards and regulations. We are trained in occupational health and safety requirements, as well as environmental processes and management systems.


Elizabeth Bay painter for a diverse clientele

We have worked with a variety of customers, including the following:

  • Restaurants
  • Pubs \sHospitals \sSchools
  • Universities/colleges
  • Stores \sOffices
  • Warehouses

Elizabeth Bay Industrial Painter

Industrial requirements are different from those of homes and mass-market shops. Industrial environments are increasingly demanding and need more rugged areas. Additionally, paints can aid in the creation of enduring rooms by preventing corrosion and other forms of damage. Industrial-grade paints, especially reflective paints, are there for use in both small and large industrial activities.

Industrial Floor Painter in Elizabeth Bay

Similar to walls, floors require painting for a variety of reasons. To sustain severe weights, floors must be covered with a certain finish. To indicate loading docks, safety precautions, and other hazards, lines and other safety symbols must be utilised. Our crew has over a decade of experience painting industrial buildings and is prepared to paint in Elizabeth Bay.

Elizabeth Bay’s Historic Artist

Additionally, the Australian government safeguards culturally significant heritage buildings and structures. These properties have restrictions on the materials used in remodelling and refurbishment. We have employed traditional methods such as cornices, stucco, Marmorino, and Travertino on historic homes.

Architectural Accents

As seen in the pictures, our customised finishes are among the best in Elizabeth Bay. Consider our hand-picked ideas, one of which may inspire you to make improvements to your house.

  • Plaster of Veneto
  • Stucco Marmorino
  • Stucco toscano
  • Walls that Have Been Limewashed

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