Epoxy Coat Sydney

Epoxy is a preferred flooring material in the industry because it is a long-lasting, beautiful, chemically and abrasion-resistant, and reasonably priced flooring option for usage in residential, commercial, and industrial environments. Thus, the Top One has a team of experts who can match your requirements, whether you need an epoxy coat in Sydney for a kitchen or a warehouse. 

Our flexible epoxy coating service in Sydney is available on weekends, holidays, and evenings. Depending on your work environment and painting requirements, our high-quality epoxy coat Sydney can be applied either by rolling it on or spraying it on.

We work with a group of talented and committed workers to offer top-notch services using our premium industrial epoxy flooring products. The most recent technology is also used in our epoxy coat Sydney. For many different industries, including those in the automotive, food, chemical, healthcare, and many more.

Our Process of Epoxy Floor Coatings

The epoxy coating method is cost-effective, beneficial, and can be effectively finished in a few days, so it won’t hamper the workflow and is appropriate for all sorts of commercial and industrial settings. 

Prepare the Surface

The very first step in putting your epoxy coat in Sydney is to prepare the floor. Before cleaning the flooring, Top One specialists fill up any cracks or fix any damaged areas as a necessary step. It’s time to clean up once any damage, if any, has been rectified. Finally, to remove any dust and debris, our team of professionals vacuums the area thoroughly.


It takes a lot of work to prepare an existing floor for epoxy coat Sydney. Epoxy floor installation can take longer as compared to other kinds of coats because the application of the epoxy coat requires several days due to drying time. Epoxy flooring, like tiles, can be hazardous while wet, so our epoxy coating specialists employ anti-slip additives when applying the coating to the floor to make the surface less dangerous.

Final Touch

To guarantee a smooth surface finish when drying is finished, the floor is brushed and swept. It is then applied a final epoxy coat Sydney. We apply a clear urethane layer to give the surface a solid and polished appearance. Due to its exceptional chemical and abrasion resistance, urethane is used by our expert.


Are epoxy floors suitable for homes?

For your hard floors, epoxy is a highly safe covering. Compared to concrete and other industrial floorings, it is less scratchy and slip-resistant. Additionally, it is water-resistant and shields your flooring from any spills, even corrosive substances that can harm other kinds of flooring.

Which is better, epoxy or tiles?

Tiles can last a long time, but they can also crack and chip. Epoxy flooring can survive for a long time without chipping, cracking, or peeling. Additionally, epoxy coat Sydney will survive severe abuse from things like trucks, toolboxes being pulled over it, or heavy objects crashing on top of it. This is a crucial consideration if you’re thinking about installing in garages or other high-traffic locations where tiles can crack or shatter.

Does epoxy flooring scratch easily?

Because epoxy is a durable plastic covering, epoxy floors are not easily scratched, although sharp items can still leave marks on any surface.