Factory Flooring Sydney

The concrete flooring business has recognized Top One Painting as a leader in quality, service, and value for money. TOur teams plan for this in commercial, residential, corporate, and restaurant concrete factory flooring. Top One Painting has achieved this reputation.

What can we provide

Top One Painting Sydney is in charge of managing both small and large teams for each project. The goal is to get a polished finish in the end.

Specialists in industrial concrete at competitive prices in Sydney

We use a wide range of cutting-edge removal techniques to ensure that we can get rid of concrete of different thicknesses. Cutting and coring are two ways to work with concrete on flat, almost vertical, or vertical surfaces. Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is used to take pictures of the pre-cut concrete to ensure that no underground cables, pipes, or other infrastructure will be damaged.

Our Competent Professionals

Our technical staff is very good at taking asphalt and concrete core samples to test their density. Additionally, our professionals have experience installing factory flooring in Sydney. In order to ensure that our work is carried out in a safe and effective manner, our crew receives training on all elements of operations and safety.

How we work with you


We learn all about your factory flooring painting job and budget. We listen to your needs and use our color, finish, and painting expertise to find the best workshop or garage solutions.


our skilled and insured driveway painters will put safety first. We follow all safety rules when painting on-site during your home or business project.


To prepare for Painting, we clean, restore, sanitize, and fill cracks. This guarantees you get the painting results you deserve.

Prime, Sealants, Others

Preparing your concrete floor for Painting depends on its condition. Floor-type affects priming. Contact us with any primer or sealant questions. Our experts will pick a primer or Dulux sealer that fits your needs and does your project last as long as possible.


Our skilled painters start by painting with high-quality paint from well-known brands. Our concrete floor painters focus on details. We use airless spray painting and brush and roller methods to maintain quality.

Quality control

We have high standards, so we do an initial evaluation before putting on the last layer. We perform a final quality control examination after driveway restoration to assure quality. Our thorough process guarantees excellent results when you work with us.

Final thoughts

Due to our many years of experience, trained artisans, and expertise in project management, we can guarantee that the project will go off without a hitch from the beginning to the end. In addition, our group will be able to help by giving you options that will lower the costs of cleaning and maintaining the building. Please use the provided contact information to get in touch with one of our experts on industrial flooring.