Floor Coating Sydney

Are you tired of your dull floors that have scratches and scrapes in the most prominent places?

If yes, then you are in for a delight with Top One Painting’s floor coatings in Sydney. We offer a wide choice of different floor coatings in Sydney. 

In areas where significant surface wear or damage is anticipated, floor coatings provide durable and preventive coverings. In order to make the coating more durable, a sealer is utilized to prevent the surface’s oxidation and wear resistance. 

Sealants and sealers also help to stop the entry of moisture and filth. A sealant is a semi-solid compound that hardens. Putty, asphalt, and wax are ingredients in several sealants. Some others include polyurethane, urethane, shellac, varnish, and varnish. 

The Top One Painting team will help you to analyze the specs of the flooring before choosing floor coatings. Considerations should be made for chemical exposure, abrasion, impact, and thermal shock. Aspects including appearance, installation time, overall project cost, and life expectancy are all taken into account. The greatest outcomes require routine inspections of resurfaced floors by experts like Top One.  The maintenance of the industrial site and the security of its employees fall under your purview as the commercial property manager for the facility. 

What We Offer

Floor coating Sydney services from Top One professionals can modernize your industrial workstation. In order to make sure that every floor is useful, long-lasting, simple to maintain, and aesthetically pleasing, we place a strong emphasis on durability, aesthetics, maintenance, and functionality. We don’t work for you; rather, we collaborate with you to make sure that we not only meet but also surpass your expectations throughout the entire process.

Top One Painting is a business that specializes in creating ideal floors. We provide several different flooring services. These include line-marking, concrete flooring, steam cleaning, epoxy flooring, garage flooring, driveway coating, floor coating, and high-pressure washing.


What is floor coating?

A thin layer of material called a floor coating is distinct from the flooring you currently have. It might be a complete coating system with a centimeter-thick coating or a millimeter-thick thin sheet. Typically, polyurethane or epoxy resins are used to create floor coatings.

How is floor coating beneficial?

Commercial and industrial building managers utilize a floor covering to safeguard their structure and its occupants. Any current surface can receive a coating; however, we generally utilize coatings on stone and concrete floors as well as hardwood floors. 

Our floor coatings are long-lasting, economical, and simple to maintain. Floor coatings are quite desirable for usage in industrial settings since they shield your floors from damage and, with the addition of certain additives, can make them slip- and flame-resistant. You can choose between a high-gloss or an ultra-matte finish for our floor coatings.

Additionally, we can coat walls, support beams, and pipes. Since coatings prevent the formation of bacteria, fungi, and mold, this choice is especially tempting for wooden surfaces.

What else can Top One do for my site?

Don’t worry if you don’t think your floors are in good enough shape for a coating; we clean and repair concrete. We can take care of your floor coating Sydney needs, from crack repair to new restoration. Furthermore, you won’t be able to see the transition between the old and new surfaces after we finish the project with fresh floor coating.