Restoring Heritage Buildings in Sydney

Heritage Properties in Sydney

A heritage property is one that the Australian government has deemed to be culturally important to Australia. Heritage homes and buildings have certain restrictions regarding remodelling and what sort of materials can be used on any upgrades to them. Top One Painting knows how to take care of these old spaces. 

We've Provided High-Quality Services for two generations.


We've Provided High-Quality Services for two generations.

Great Techniques

Top One Painting’s team are specialists in protected and heritage properties. We have had experience with many of them, and we know the approved techniques to improve or remodel them. Our team can do cornices, stucco, Marmorino, Travertino and all types of wood. Let our team know what you want to be done.

Authentic Finishes

At Top One Painting, we know how to do all types of finishes. We use techniques and finishes that are authentic for the time period your heritage property is from. Our specialists know how to do French wash, metallic and gold leaf finishes. We also do rust effects and joinery. Call us about your heritage property today.

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