Why select Top One Painting as your painter in Lane Cove?

At Top One Painting we strive towards excellence. Having been in the business since 2004, we have constantly tried to improve our services. Our efforts were recognized by Master Paints in 2018 when we were declared the winners in the categories of best Residential Single Dwelling Repaint under $200,000 and Decorative Finishes Residential under $200,000.

Our Services

Our Painting services in Lane Cove are known for:

Professional Finish

First impressions tend to linger in clients’ minds which is why we take into account what the office building or workspace will look like to potential employees and partners. Top One Painting is not only focused on doing a one-time job, but we also offer ongoing contract work to maintain the highest professional finish that we helped you to create.

Expedient Work

As a trusted painter in Lane Cove, we assure quick and timely delivery of work with fast turnaround times. We know that time is money so we have excelled in processes that enable us to finish our work quickly and with as few disruptions to your workflow as possible. We can do our work while you continue to do yours.

Residential Painter in Lane Cove

Whether it is a newly constructed home or an existing one, our highly collaborative approach in choosing the colour and finish enables us to deliver results that will exceed your expectations. We make sure that we engage homeowners, architects, or project managers and explain all the different options available so that the best decision can be made. We have a range of high-quality options that you can choose from, ranging from Matte, Eggshell, Satin, Semi-Gloss, and High-Gloss.

Commercial Painter in Lane Cove

We have a vast experience in doing commercial jobs and abiding by industry rules and regulations we are trained in handling occupational health and safety regulations as well as environmental procedures and management systems. 

Industrial Painter in Lane Cove

Industrial requirements are different from those of homeowners and commercial spaces that cater to masses. Industrial environments are much more intense and require highly durable spaces. Paints also play a role in creating durable spaces because they can help against corrosion and other damage. We can paint small industrial factories as well as large multi-purpose warehouses and have on offer a range of industrial-grade paints including reflective paints.

Offices and Work Spaces Painter in Lane Cove

At Top One Painting, we realize the importance of a professional look. With over 30 years of experience that our team has, we are experienced in working on office blocks as well as buildings where we focus on quality and expedient delivery. Whether you are a start-up or a well-established business we make sure that the environment that we create through our paint jobs aligns with your brand’s essence and enables a conducive work environment.

Painter in Lane Cove for Venues & Hotels

Buildings and spaces in the hospitality industry require durability alongside aesthetics that appeal to the masses. We have worked with a vast number of hotels in Lane Cove to ensure that the look matches exactly what the client hopes for. Considerations for paint and finish selection include the kind of clients that the hotel caters to, the mission and vision of the hotel, and the kind of image that the hotel wants to portray. Some clients require their building to be a landmark, others want a subtle and professional look – no matter what the case, Top One Painting will ensure that the work is finished in time and that the paint and finish are not only durable but also appealing.

Painter in Lane Cove for Restaurants & Bars

Eateries are a large part of our customer segment. At Top One Painting, we offer a variety of colour palettes and finishes to enhance the appeal of the environment and to make sure that customers experience the brand manifested through its hues. We understand the impact that colours have on moods as well as appetites so we can work with you to help you decide which ones are better suited not only to create an appealing ambience but also to boost business. Our team is experienced and can advise you on any style of painting ranging from traditional, to sleek to classic.

Painter in Lane Cove for Detail Work

Part of our service offering is also to paint and detail shopping centres and other similar commercial spaces. We consult with shop owners to decide on the kind of colours and accents would work well to attract shopper footfall. We design the colour schemes mindful of a host of factors including customer psyche where we try to understand what the preferences of the shop’s target market are. Top One Painting has experts on board that will be able to handle any size of the job that you have for us, be it one shop or a large shopping centre we are flexible enough to cater to any size of work.

We offer a range of high-end services for homes, commercial spaces and industrial buildings which include:

  • Maintenance painting
  • Roof painting
  • Fence painting
  • Decorative finishes
  • Deck painting
  • Texture coating
  • Abseiling access