Line Marking Sydney

Line markings may not seem to be a part of the conspicuous elements of paint, but line marking is an important part of painting schools, parking lots, hospitals and roads. Line markings can be used to mark parking jurisdictions as well as grass pitches for different sports. 

Top One painting Sydney offers line marking services for different commercial and public projects. Whether it is parking spots you need marked, or aligned lanes, we have the paint and the colours available to do the project.

We have the paints that are required for warehouse floors, schools, car parks and more, where we make sure that the paints are quick drying to minimize downtime for the areas. The lines include thermoplastic lines and chlorinated rubbers that are great for different surfaces. 

Why choose Top One Painting Sydney for your line marking projects in Sydney?

Final touches

Top One Painting provides both one-time and ongoing services to maintain the high-quality finish we helped you achieve. The line markings on the floor are up for a lot of wear and tear, and we also offer great value for customers who are willing to have us with them for ongoing work and maintenance of their floors. 

Quick Work

As a dependable line marking service in Sydney, we offer quick turnaround times. We know that time is money, therefore we have developed methods that enable us to work quickly and efficiently. We can do our job while you finish yours.

Great people to work with at Top One Painting in Sydney

Our team is skilled and as line markings require precision and attention to detail, all our people who are part of the team doing the line markings in Sydney are well trained and have had tons of practice. Their steady hands and lines are the talk of the town so do give us a try.


Are line markings permanent?

Line markings can be temporary or permanent as you require. You might need the lines for an event and we can provide you the temporary line markings in Sydney that fulfill your requirements. You can then remove them or they can gradually fade away as you wish to have them taken off.

Does line marking color bleed?

Top One Painting in Sydney is a great service to have on board when you require line markings for any area in Sydney. We have great quality products and paints that are quick drying and can either be temporary or permanent depending on your specifications. However, whether it is temporary or permanent we will make sure that they are quick to dry and do not bleed. That is, you can be sure that no tyres or shoes will be harmed in the markings of the lines.