Painting metal vs plastic miniatures.

Painting metal vs plastic miniatures.

When deciding about a project, it is often difficult to envision what the outcome will look like. The urge to convert the dream to reality alongside the availability of many options to use for construction makes the whole process a tedious and time-consuming task. Therefore, it is highly advised by painter Rose Bay to create a miniature of the object you want to design along with all its technicalities.  

Miniatures are the small version of the life-size construction and help represent the final picture. It is a less expensive initiative as the miniatures prove to be a lens to the project’s future, and all the details such as the colour scheme, size, and measurements can be easily adjusted according to your liking.  

Painting miniatures is great because it prevents delaying the task at hand and does not create a burden on your pocket. However, the main issue is what type of material should be used to develop the miniatures. Should it be plastic or metal? Which one will be more readily available and easy to paint? 

Generally, for beginners, it is recommended to start with plastic miniatures as it’s more durable, pocket-friendly and requires less effort to paint. Nonetheless, both of these types have their pros and cons. Therefore, to end all your worries, the following are a few points that will guide you through painting metal and plastic miniatures. 

–        Advantages of Metal miniatures: 

A vast range of variety is available to choose the minis from. Apart from this, the material’s tolerance is more significant than plastic ones. Thus, metal minis can bear more intricate and complex designs and even retains them once it is painted. 

–        Disadvantages of Metal miniatures: 

As metal is a vital element, the cost of metal minis is more than the plastic ones. Also, a particular type of adhesive is required to bind the complete structure together; hence, if the superglue is not used, the miniatures won’t tie together, losing their durability. Lastly, the effort and work needed to paint metal miniatures are too much as it tends to lose paint quickly.  

–        Type of Paint to be used on Metal or steel miniatures: 

While there are many options to choose from, the best choice for metal minis is oil or enamel paint. Protecting from chipping and making the colour more long-lasting and resistant to scraping, oil and enamel paint, if used of superior quality, leads to excellent results. For these paints, unlike acrylic ones, primer is not a prerequisite; however, it’s always better to apply a coat of primer to avoid paint rubbing off in the future. 

–        Advantages of Plastic miniatures: 

A piece of advice from the expert painters of Rose Bay for the newbies is that plastic minis should be their first miniature to experiment with as it’s cheap, robust and straightforward to apply paint on. This means that all the painting techniques can be easily practised on it. 

–        Disadvantages of Plastic miniatures: 

The lack of its ability to handle detailed designs is one of the main drawbacks of using plastic minis, as the absence of the minute details makes it difficult to obtain the desired result. Moreover, after applying paint, plastic mins tend to get muddier and look like a mess, making it challenging for the developer to understand the concept. 

Type of Paint to be used on Plastic miniatures: 

Compared to metal miniatures, for plastic minis, acrylic paint works wonders. It comes in various colours, thus giving a lot of choice for innovation and creativity. Adding a layer of primer is recommended to protect the paint from scraping and make it stick easily to the plastic surface. If one doesn’t want to go through the extra step of applying a primer, plastic minis already primed are also available in the market. However, painter Rose Bay take care of all these details and let you enjoy a stress-free process. 

As the saying goes, practice makes one perfect; the same applies to painting miniatures. Before starting to visualize the outcome, discuss your thoughts and ideas with the experts in this field that is the painter Rose Bay, as they will advise you about the proper flow that should be followed, starting with canvassing your vision onto paper, turning it into miniatures to give you the basic idea and then officially starting the work at the construction site. If their assistance is not required throughout the entire process, then these painters offer a free quotation to provide you with a rough estimate of the project’s expense.  

The points mentioned above serve as a tool to assist you in choosing the suitable material to form the miniatures and provide tips on how to paint them. Hope it helps solve your issue, and if any trouble arises, the painters at Rose Bay are always at your service. 

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