Painters in Point Piper

Painter in Point Piper – Top One Painting Services

We offer a large variety of different painter services in Point Piper for 

  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Commercial Spaces
  • Industrial Spaces

We also have expertise in dealing with heritage building and providing special architectural finishing services.

Why do you need a professional painter in Point Piper?

Professional painters can give you a brilliant quality finish, durability, and expedient services that you require for your paint jobs. Professional painters in Point Piper such as Top One Painting can help you achieve the aesthetic look that you desire for your space – residential or commercial.

Professional painters in Point Piper can help you decide the best type of paint to select for your space and can also perform other desired services to achieve that highly finished look including:

  • Repaints/renovations/refurbishing
  • Paint stripping
  • Lead paint removal

Point Piper Residential Painter

Whether it is a newly constructed or existing house, our highly collaborative approach to colour and finish selection enables us to achieve outcomes that exceed your expectations. We ensure that we engage homeowners, architects, and project managers in the process and thoroughly explain all of the available options so that the best decision may be made. We provide a variety of high-quality finishes, including matte, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss.

When painting, a clean canvas is a necessity since without it, many paint effects fall short of what the artist had in mind. For a safe and toxin-free environment, we offer both brick and lead paint removal as part of our paint removal services. We can also include a variety of special effects.

Top One Painting commercial painter

We have a lot of business experience and in addition to sticking to all applicable industry laws and regulations, we’ve received specialised training in environmental processes and health and safety requirements.

A Point Piper-based commercial painter

The needs of an industrial facility differ from those of a typical household or a business establishment that serves a broad clientele. Industrial settings are far more demanding, necessitating structures with higher levels of durability. The ability of paints to resist corrosion and other forms of damage is another factor in the creation of long-lasting abodes. Whether it’s a tiny industrial factory or a large multi-purpose warehouse, we have a variety of industrial-grade paints, including reflective paints, on hand for your convenience.

For a wide range of clients, Point Piper painter

We’ve done work for a variety of companies, including these ones:

  • Restaurants
  • Pubs
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Universities/colleges
  • Stores \sOffices
  • Warehouses

Heritage Properties Painter in Point Piper 

Heritage homes and properties are culturally significant, and the Australian government has preserved them as well. These properties have limits on remodelling and the type of materials that may be utilised. We have expertise working with recognised techniques for heritage houses, such as cornices, stucco, Marmorino, and Travertino.

Heritage homes demand accurate finishes that reflect the era in which they were built. We have expertise working with finishes like as French wash, metallic, and gold leaf. Additionally, we have professionals on staff who can apply rust effects and create joinery that complement the character of the vintage home.

You can trust Top One Painting with your heritage property painting projects since we are completely aware of the requirements and understand how to care for these places properly.

Special Architectural Finishes

Our custom finishes are among the finest in Point Piper, and we have a significant selection on display in the gallery. Take a look at some of our specifically picked designs; one of them may inspire you to improve the aesthetic of your area.

Finishes in Venetian Plaster

Venetian Plaster is a low-maintenance alternative to marble or stone. Our premium finish changes areas in a cost-effective manner, imparting an air of sophistication and elegance. Our crew increases the appearance and longevity of the room by utilising ancient burnishing techniques from Italy golden wax finishes.

Stucco Marmorino

The Marmorino finishes exemplify timeless beauty. Our artisans employ the process of applying a lime-based finish that resembles marble.

Travertino Stucco

The rough appearance of Natural travertine stone has treatment replicates. The smooth and polished textures lends the area an impression of elegance and flare and resembles the style of Roman buildings.

Lime Cleanser

Limewashing is a centuries-old finishing method evocative of Mediterranean homes. It is great for renovations, heritage sites, and any location that requires a traditional, rustic feel.