Painter in Rose Bay

Need a Rose Bay professional painter?

A professional paint job will assure durability and quality. Residential and commercial properties might benefit from the services of Rose Bay painters like Top One Painting.

Why use Top One Painting for your Rose Bay painting job?


We assess how the office building or workspace appears to potential workers and business partners. Top One Painting offers both one-time and ongoing services to help you preserve the high-quality finish we helped you achieve.

Work that is quick

As a prominent Rose Bay painter, we guarantee on-time completion of assignments. We understand that time is money and have created strategies to conduct our work effectively and with minimal disruption to your company. We can work as you finish.

Our Products and Services

We paint residential, commercial, and industrial buildings, among others.

Painter in Rose Bay

Top One Painting has been happily serving Rose Bay for many years. Our house painting services start with a consultation to assess your needs. While you are ultimately responsible for your home’s appearance, we can help you choose the best paint, finishes, and colours for your area.

Painter in Rose Bay

We have extensive experience operating businesses while adhering to industry norms and laws. We also understand environmental processes and management systems, as well as occupational health and safety laws.

We specialise in painting for events, hotels, restaurants, and pubs, as well as other specialist services and finishes.

Rose Bay Venue & Hotel Painter

Buildings and spaces in hotels must be durable and appealing to a large audience. We have worked with a number of Rose Bay hotels to guarantee the design is right for the customer. When choosing paint and finishes, keep in mind the hotel’s target market, mission and vision, and desired image. Top One Painting will guarantee that the job is completed on time and that the paint and finish are not only durable but also appealing.

Rose Bay Restaurant and Bar Painter

Our clientele includes several restaurants. Color palettes and finishes are provided by Top One Painting to improve the surroundings and ensure consumers are aware of the brand’s colours. We understand the emotional and appetite-stimulating effects of colours and can help you choose those that will not only create a nice ambience but also increase sales. Our skilled staff can help you choose from conventional to elegant to classic paint.

Detail Painter in Rose Bay

We also paint and detail retail malls and other commercial buildings. We help company owners choose the right colours and accessories to attract more customers. We build colour schemes with a variety of elements in consideration, including customer psychology. Top One Painting has professionals that can paint a single store or a major retail complex.

Painter Rose Bay

Industrial needs are distinct from those of private residences and enterprises. Industrial workplaces are far more demanding and require tougher workstations. Paints can also assist build long-lasting spaces by preventing corrosion and other damages. We paint small industrial buildings and large multi-purpose warehouses using industrial paints, including reflective paints.